To every reader looking for books,

As for my Facebook page The Library Philippines, this site is where I put my insights (of course while trying not to spoil anything to readers) about the books I have.

Also, this is where you can find the books I am ready to share to anyone, for free, as long as you can promise you will take care of the book. Trust issues right?  haha I know, I will always have trust issues, probably after proving to me by returning books I lent you.

Contact me through my page or through the no. I’ve given on my page. As for the process, I can only lend books through meet up.
The requirements I ask of borrowers are as follow:

1. A letter on why you have chosen the book. Written in any size shorter than a fourth of a short bond paper, and your sign over your printed name. This would serve as the official receipt.

2. An on the spot selfie with the book. Of course this would be done by the time I hand over the book. I will be posting the picture on my page  with your permission. That means if you won’t permit me to post your picture, it’s okay, but I still need the picture. The picture serves as my tracker on who has the book.

3. That they can be able to return it on time. I can let anyone to borrow for a month. That’s the maximum time I’m letting the book away from me. =) And also for others to have their time.

I’m letting anyone borrow two books at a time, and hopefully someday this library would grow.

Enjoy reading.


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