The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint Exupery


My favorite classic of all time. About following dreams and growing up. A book for every child and that means for everyone because we are all children who never stops growing up. Many says that this has its deeper beauty if you’ll learn to see it, so I searched, read it few times thinking what could other readers have seen that is not bound for me to see? What metaphor are some able to perceive yet I can’t? Until finally after almost a decade of repeating this book over and over again I was able to find it, or maybe it was when my angel touched me and my eyes opened. That this book is also telling about love, and understanding for those who don’t feel it, just like the prince. Just like how, in one of her latest movie, Anne Hathaway talked about love. Probably it depends on whose character are you connected the time you read it, but if you try to be the prince, or the fox, or to the rose away in one of the stars listening to the conversations, I think you will have a different view of the how the whole world will turn.


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