To all the books that I haven’t read yet (and probably won’t have time to read);

I won’t be asking you how you’re doing because I know wherever you are I know you’re ok, sitting idly in a shelf or still in some else’s thought. And neither would I be telling you who I am because this letter is also, as I believe, from every reader out there. But I will tell you why I write this one, first because I don’t have enough time to read all of you. Second is that  I don’t know who you are really, I just know you’re out there waiting for someone like me. We always feel that way an empty shell that needs to be filled with thoughts and ideas. I wonder now if books feel the same sometimes.

But the real reason I wrote this letter is for you too know that somebody like me exists. And allso I want you to know how I feel, maybe at least with knowing how somebody like me feels about you, about the books that I’ll never be able to read in my limited stay on this realm, maybe we can somehow make connections and hopefully maybe one day that connections we made will make our meeting possible.

So much with reasons, I know you want to know how I feel about you. Of course, I hope you are as good as my favorites, I hope you can break my heart into million little pieces that by just thinking that I’ll never be able to read such a very good book already breaks my heart. Also I hope that you’re a life changing kind of literature. One that inspires every one that reads you so that even though I won’t be able to touch your life, at least those who were able will have a life that’s changed by you. And the best wish I have for you is that you’ll be damned so good that even time will think twice taking you away  from the face of the earth. So after centuries or even after millinia you still exist and maybe one day with so much high hopes probably after my tenth of twentieth reincarnation, or even just in after life, our path will somehow cross.

Now I know this isn’t more than just a child having a wishful thinking. But I really pray to that blue star, that at least you’ll be able to read this.

From a reader who hopes of your existence.


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    Exactly how I feel. How about you guys?


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